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Services Provided

  • Audits under the Securities and Exchange Law
  • TOKYO PRO Market Audit
  • Audits under the Corporate Law
  • Audits for educational institutions
  • Arbitrary Audit

Support Service for IPO

  • IPO Support for Tokyo Stock Exchange,Nagoya Stock Exchange

Consulting Service

  • Consultation on Internal Control
  • Support for Establishing Cost Accounting System
  • Support for Structuring Consolidated Package
  • Consultation on Asset Impairment Accounting
  • Consultation on Retirement Benefit System
  • Business Valuation
  • Organizational Restructuring Strategies Planning
  • Support for Creating Business Plans

International Business

  • Support for Overseas Business Expansion
  • Audits of Overseas Subsidiaries
  • Support for Creating English Financial Statements
  • Audits of Japanese Local Office