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Assurance Services

Service Outlines

The main purpose of assurance services is to ensure the credibility of the financial information disclosed by our clients in order to protect investors or creditors from making wrong decisions. Our firm manages audit operations under a robust quality control system and ensures high quality assurance services.

COSMOS's Quality Management for Assurance Services

  1. Rigorous quality control system
  2. Fundamental policy that clearly prioritizes quality
  3. Registered as a listed company audit firm
  4. Well-developed training and educational system
  5. Quality control review for the planning
  6. Quality control review for the opinions
  7. Well-designed and continuously improved auditing tools

We conduct quality control and auditing services in compliance with the standards set by the JICPA.

Services Provided

Statutory Audit

We offer audits under the Securities and Exchange Law, audits under the Corporate Law, audits for incorporated educational institutions, and audits for labor unions. We also provide auditing services for local governments based on the Public Sector Accounting Standards.

Arbitrary Audit

We provide customized auditing services that cater to clients' various needs. Our services include designing internal controls, detecting & preventing possible fraud, and verifying financial statements.