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Our mission and objective is to create the future with "QUALITY" and "TRUST"

Cosmos & Co. supports the healthy development of clients' businesses and the free decision-making of investors. As our name "Cosmos" shows, we seek infinite possibilities and contribute to the economic growth of our society.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  • We dedicate ourselves to assisting clients' businesses in the field of accounting & finance, and contribute to the economic growth of society. Under the name of "Cosmos," we strive to seek infinite possibilities to support our clients.

Corporate Identity

  • Professionalism
    As a group of experts, we provide the best solution to any kind of issue.
  • Timeliness
    We always provide future-oriented services in a timely manner.
  • Globalism
    We cater to clients' various cross-border needs.

Management Policy

Management Policy

  • Upon clients' requests, we provide support for companies preparing for an IPO from the early stage. With our expertise in accounting and auditing, we also provide every possible support for corporate management from every aspect.

Our Features

  • High Standards
    We operate our auditing & other services under a strict quality management system. The high standards we maintain of our services have been recognized by JICPA's quality control review.
  • Sufficient Resources
    By utilizing our member firms' resources, combined with our years of experience & knowledge, we are able to provide information necessary for corporate and financial management.
  • Insightful Advice & Realistic Proposals
    We have been highly regarded by our clients for our insightful advice and proposals regarding corporate restructuring, business and capital management plans, and internal administrative systems.
  • Driving Power
    We not only make proposals, but also work closely with our clients to implement them and assist them in achieving their business goals.